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  • Year 2015


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  • Year 2021


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  • Year 2022

Roadtrek RVs in Calgary

At Bucars RV Dealership in Calgary, we are proud to carry Roadtrek Class B motorhomes. This is a manufacturer that we feel provides a great RV with impressive value for our customers. Their impeccable attention to detail and quality has won them several awards, and their fantastic campervans speak for themselves! If you are in the market for a new Class B Motorhome, you definitely need to check out the RVs we carry from Roadtrek.

With the growing demand for campervans and RVs that are versatile and easy to maneuver in Alberta, these great Roadtrek Class B motorhomes are a great fit for the needs of many RV enthusiasts. They’re spacious, have all the amenities you’d expect in a motorhome from Bucars, and they are easy to jump in and drive to your next destination. Driving one of these campervans is very similar to driving a commercial van like many of our valued customers drive each day for work. If you want to make it quick and easy to hit the road towards your next camping adventure, you need to check out these incredible RVs from Roadtrek in Calgary.

RoadTrek Class B Motorhomes at Bucars RV Dealership

Roadtrek’s success as an RV manufacturer dates back to the early 1980s. Roadtrek has come a long way since its inception and has operated with a focus on creating a comfortable and functional Class B motorhome for its customers. Roadtrek offers a full line of Class B coaches built on Mercedes Sprinter, Ram ProMaster, and Ford Transit chassis with a wide range of sizes, styles, and layouts to fit the needs of many different RV enthusiasts.

Roadtrek was founded on the values of creating a dependable, high-quality, comfortable, and reasonably priced camper van for the North American market. Roadtrek has been recognized as a leader in the domestic Campervan market since 1990. This is an accolade that they honour and continue to build on every day. These Class B Motorhomes are crafted with extreme attention to detail and customer satisfaction in mind. If you’re looking for a great Roadtrek camper van to create camping memories that will last a lifetime, you need to check out the Roadtrek inventory at Bucars RV Dealership. These great Roadtrek RVs have all the amenities and versatility you need for your next road trip or camping adventure!

At Bucars RV Dealer in Calgary, we currently carry the amazing Ram Promaster based Roadtrek Zion Class B Motorhome. There are some variations of this motorhome available at our RV Dealership just north of Calgary. If you want to take a closer look at the Roadtrek Zion Campervan, come talk to our knowledgeable RV experts!

Roadtrek Zion Motorhomes For Sale in Calgary

The Roadtrek Zion is built on the robust Ram ProMaster 3500 extended van chassis and has been modified and perfected by Roadtrek.

Roadtrek Zion Chassis Features

This chassis has a powerful and fuel efficient 280hp 3.6L Dodge V6 engine. With this engine paired to a six speed automatic transmission and a 3.86 ratio rear axle, this campervan can move down the road with ease – even when hauling a heavy load and your belongings.

Roadtrek Zion Exterior Features

The sleek and modern exterior styling is complemented with beautiful large windows and moulded body panels that give it a streamlined look and feel. There are several colour variations available so we can find the perfect campervan to suit your needs and style!

The fantastic exterior features of the Roadtrek Zion:

Roadtrek Zion Interior Features

Inside the campervan, you’ll find an open concept floor plan to accommodate you and enable you to take larger belongings with you on your camping adventures. Want to keep your kayak, canoe, or mountain bikes inside the RV while traveling? No problem! The Zion has plenty of space to accommodate these items.

The incredible pearl white and charcoal interior give the coach an open feeling for an upscale look you are sure to love. It truly feels like home when traveling in this great RV!

The incredible interior features of the Roadtrek Zion:

Check out Bucars RVs from Roadtrek for Sale in Calgary

Whether you’re in the market for a campervan with space for your family or even just a smaller camper van for your road trips, we have the right Roadtrek RV for you. Our world-class Roadtrek campervan experts are here to provide all the advice you need to help you make an informed decision.

The sales team at Bucars RV dealership are all avid RV enthusiasts as well and many own campervans like this. They wouldn’t sell you a van conversion motorhome unless it was one that they would use for their own camping adventures. We understand the importance of having the right RV with all of the features you need to make the best camping experience possible.

What are you waiting for? Your next camping adventure with your family is waiting for you to pick up a new Roadtrek van and head out camping. Pay a visit to Bucars RV dealership today and bring home the Roadtrek RV of your dreams. You’ll be glad you did when you hit the open road towards making RVing memories that will last a lifetime. Please take a look at the variety of RVs from Roadtrek for sale in Calgary at our RV dealership below. If you have any additional questions, please contact us at 403-207-1666.


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