Bucars Blog — April 16 2019

Bucars Presents the Venture RV SportTrek

Take a look inside the Venture RV SportTrek 221VRB. A brand new floor plan for 2019, this spacious unit is perfectly suited for a couple. We love both the quality and its great features.

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Video Transcript

This is a brand-new floor plan for 2019, the SportTrek 221VRB. Brand new through venture this year, it’s a great couples unit, sleeps 2 to 3 people very comfortably.

It is very spacious, you’ve got a huge slide especially for a two-person floor plan, its very big. You have a bar stool setup which is great so you can entertain, the TV’s in a great position, we have the solid surface steps, you have a stainless steel appliance package, furrion stove and oven with LED lights.

As far as insulation goes, it has forced heat, heated and enclosed underbelly and heated gate valves. If you and your wife are in this because it’s for two people, you’re 5-10 minutes and you’re easily camping.

The venture RV product we’ve had for about 13 years now. They’re amazing with their warranty, we have great client relations, they talk directly to the customers.

I’d be a hundred percent comfortable going on a long road trip in this. You have tons of space, you have a big fridge, tons of storage outside and inside, so you’re good to go, or if you want to just go on the weekend, you’re perfect for that too.

We do have a bunch of those models in stock along with other ones that are a little bit different so come down and see us at Bucars RV we’ll be happy to help you out.


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