Bucars Blog — February 14 2018

K-Z Inc. Sportsmen

Setting up at your campsite people have the argument 5th wheel or travel trailer which is easier? A lot of fifth wheels out there nowadays, and this is where KZ kind of shines, they have auto level. You push one button you got electric shocks in the front electric shocks on the back so you’re camping before you know it. With the Sportsmen you get a lot of extras the way that K-Z does it. You get an extra climate package on it so you can go later in the season. larger slides, great bedroom clearance so taller people can fit inside the bedroom right without having to duck and get around the bed. K-Z they’ve been around since 1972. so it’s been a great product we’ve had it in our lineup for probably the last 15 years. Towing a fifth wheel you know a lot of people say you lose the box space in your truck. K-Z does it a little different with the sportsman where they have fold-down racks on the back where you can carry your bike or your generator. The front storage compartments are huge so there’s a lot of ways you can put stuff in storage rather than using the box your truck. All the space inside here when the weather does turn it it is raining outside or it is getting a little chilly you can come inside and be comfortable in a fifth-wheel because you have so much space. People come in and they want to finance it and we can do an amortization over 20 years, and you know what doing it over the 20 years gets you the nice minimum payment that you’re looking for a low payment way that our finance department works. Not everybody keeps them for that long in that three-year period, five-year period when you want to come trade it in you’re gonna come back to Bucars. We set you up with the right payment level, we set you up with the right unit, you’re gonna love it and our service department shines. So you’re gonna come back and make sure that you get taken care of properly, and you want to come back and see your sales consultant come talk to Dean.


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