Bucars Blog — April 16 2019

Bucars Presents the Coachman Crossfit

Check out the new Coachmen Crossfit! Designed with versatility in mind for the modern, active, lifestyle RVer, this Class B motorhome is the ultimate way to hit the road and enjoy the sights and sounds of your next adventure.

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Video Transcript

We’re in a coachman CrossFit buy a brand new van line that we got here Bucars. They actually use the Ford Transit van on it. A little bit more serviceability throughout the states and that’s so when you’re traveling you can travel with confidence and if something goes wrong, someone’s got your back a little bit more.

Probably the best thing is flexibility. You’ll be able to go to places that you can’t go in a motorhome, but still have the amenities that a Motorhome can give you. Vans in the past, they didn’t do that to a certain degree. So this one has take for example, insulation that’s even more than what some motorhomes are, there’s R15 in this thing. More comfort, but in a small package. There’s been so many upgrades in the past few years with these vans. I’m glad we’ve grabbed these.

For these guys, were right in that 100 to 150 range. So we’re not 200, 250 that some of the vans are. That’s what’s always been the case. People are looking for that used van, because they have to try and get that price range down, or we’ve got it. We’ve got two in stock right now. We’ve got Bucars of course, you have to come to. The hard thing is getting these, so sometimes it’s best to be the early bird.


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