Bucars Blog — April 11 2018

Bucars Presents The RVCare Approved Northern Spirit Ultra Lite Travel Trailer

Jeff Redmond:

Bucars RV centre.

We are so excited to introduce the northern Spirit by coachmen.

RV care network which is a National Association of 64 dealers from coast to coast partnered with one of the best manufacturers in the industry coachmen RV, to come up with our own unique product that northern spirit is endorsed and approved by RV care and that’s specifically made for the Canadian market.

Tyson Flaig:

The coachmen northern spirit. What northern spirit does is a camping simplified package which is a whole bunch of added features to the consumer that you don’t see on the market.
It’s definitely built for the Canadian market. They called it the northern spirit for a reason. So we have a completely heated and closed underbelly with a full aluma-caged construction for that early spring late fall sort of camping.

The northern spirit does have five different floor plans that we carry. This one is the bunk room we can sleep probably eight to ten but of course more comfortably about six to eight with the dinette down and the tri-fold sofa sleeper.

We have a great solar package on it. It’s excellent for dry camping with the USB ports that run off the battery, you can charge those phones and those laptops and those iPads.
The added luxury features in this unit are really different than the ones in the market right now. Thay being, a pet centre in the bedroom is a pullout shelf for your dog and your cats.

Also, outside is an exterior dog leash clip so for those families that want to bring their pets along. As well we have vertical hanging storage in the bedroom. it’s a great space saver. We have an extra large pantry. As well, we have a brand new furion oven, we have a great u-shaped dinette which is a portable table you can bring outside and camp with you as well. The “store more” cargo space in the back where the bunk beds flip up. It’s a crazy amount of storage you can put your bikes back there. And what’s nice about this is the fishing rod storage in the pass-through. You can put your fishing rod in there completely hidden. As well, they have storage behind the TV which is a hidden storage place. It has all the added features of home and you won’t be missing much at all.

Jeff Redmond:

We’ve got the national service network which is the biggest one that we’re gonna be able to look after you down the road in your ownership.

Come to Bucars RV one of the top and suppliers of this product the deals are going to be awesome.


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