Bucars Blog — November 3 2018

Bucars Presents K-Z RV’s Ultra Lightweight Travel Trailer

Today we’re in our Spree Escape 161 rear bath unit made by K-Z RV, which is a great manufacturer. They’ve been in business since ‘72 and we’ve been proud to carry that product for 12 years now at Bucars. This trailer is designed for a couple. The kids are growing up, not
coming camping anymore and so they want to now be able to take the time and go exploring so they don’t want a big trailer to lug around. They maybe want to run it off a lighter smaller vehicle so we have a nice lightweight trailer. It’s smaller so you get to the out of the way places.

So with the controls on their smart arm awning, you can run the awning in and out and
this also has a wind sense feature. So that if the winds come up and you set your wind sense on it – it will Auto retract. Which I find is a great feature being in southern Alberta, because there is the odd windy day that we come across. So now if our wind comes up and starts
buffeting the awning, you’ll see that it turns itself back on and brings itself back in.

With K-Z it’s all five-eighths, tons of plywood flooring rather than OSP that a lot of manufacturers put in their trailers. This limits the VOC’s and that’s the glues and the things like that that go into making your press boards and your in your particle board floors as well as gives you a much stronger base to screw all our cabinetry to the floor. So when you’re taking that product and bouncing it down the highway, things twist, things flex and screws tend to pull out of particle board versus plywood. So a little bit more durability there.

We do a full walkthrough anytime you purchase a trailer from Bucars. On the day that you come to pick up your trailer, we’re gonna have a guy go out with you go through the trailer and show you how everything works. So for the novice RVer, the first-timer who’s not sure about what they’re getting into, we’re gonna give them a run down so that when they get out to the campground they’re gonna have the confidence to know that they’re gonna be able to get
your trailer set up and running right and getting through that first trip.

Well we’ve got a great stock available, popular floor plans still available at the dealership, we’re offering a great sale right now. So it’s a great time to grab the trailer and head out to enjoy the outdoors.


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