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Bucars Presents: The 2020 Coachmen Pursuit

Hi, welcome to Bucars RV my name is Keith Crone I want to talk to you today about a brand new exciting product from Coachman. This is the little 27-foot class A motorhome it’s called the Coachman Pursuit 27 XPS. Not sure what that stands for yet but get back to me on that. Anyway, what excites me about this class A motorhome a handful of things but 82 cubic feet of storage. Okay, huge storage compartment at the back another huge storage compartment up here. We get an 80-gallon fuel tank so the 320 horsepower 460-foot pound torque Triton v10 engine is going to give you a range of in excess of 600 kilometers per tank. Our little C Class motorhomes or a fraction of that. So I get excited about a class A Motorhome for all the things it does. Cargo capacity, carrying capacity, tire size, that 19.5 s the turning radius, at over 50-degree steering cut, 20 gallons of propane, 50 gallons of water. So you’ve got a very robust little motorhome here that would be awesome for towing the boat or towing the Jeep or anything that you want to tow behind it because the horsepower to weight ratio is so exceptional. 27-foot motorhome with the same engine that propels motorhomes up to 40 feet gas-powered motorhomes so cool little motorhome for this year 27-foot Coachman talked a little bit about the outside storage but we got to go inside come with me inside.

Okay so here we are inside the brand-new Coachman Pursuit it’s the 27 X PS it’s a brand new floorplan brand-new model for Coachman for 2020. Exciting little motorhome it’s a 27 foot or on the surface it’s a 27-foot class a Motorhome it actually measures 29 feet bumper-to-bumper but it’s 29-foot motor home with no slides. Well is that ever a departure from motorhomes of recent years everything’s slide out. But Coachman felt that there was a need to bring back a no slide class A motorhome and in fact, that’s exactly what they’ve done here. So the reason that I love a motorhome without a slid is how well that motorhome functions. Both going down the road pulling over for a quick lunch a quick nap or even parking on a street somewhere in an urban area it’s not obvious to everybody that you’re sleeping inside the motorhome because there are no slides.

So one of the reasons to be excited about this motorhome is for what it doesn’t have. Now we’re going to talk about what it does have. So here we are in the back bedroom area of this new 27 Pursuit, so what happens when you have an on slide motorhome which means also the beds not in the slide. You’ve now got the opportunity to go with the true 60 by 80 residential queen-size bed. So many of the motorhomes in this size now they’re starting to you know they put the bed in the slide and then you have to fold the mattress over in order to use it this is fully functional even heading down the road. So full residential queen-size bed fitted queen-size sheets if you want to change out the mattress you could although this year they’ve given us a really upgraded pillowtop mattress which probably won’t need upgrading it’s just fine. Another little thing that we keep hearing about time and time again so many customers they want to where’s the plug ins in the bedroom where’s the plug ins. Well it doesn’t take too long you find out that they have a CPAP a breathing apparatus for sleeping so Coachmen took that into consideration on this and they put in Coach pap station trademark. But what happens is you run your equipment through here and then it sets up top and it plugs in up top. So you know that may not be important to everybody but who it’s important to it’s really important to and Coachmen thought about that so pretty neat little motor home. Cool bedroom walk around bed this ledge or box that I’m sitting on its part of this nightstand there’s a nice drawer here and then this ledge area here which is kind of neat. But what this really creates is 83 cubic feet of storage on the exterior of the motorhome which in this video we’ll cover that off too.
Okay so here we are in the kitchen of this new nifty little 27-foot Coachman Pursuit class A motorhome. So it’s a 2020 Motorhome so what happens when we have a new model year manufacturers create new features for us and Magic Chef has done just that. This is a beautiful new redesigned cooktop flush mount cover that goes over the top of a three burner configuration. They’ve lit the controls which is nice and it also has a little oven. Okay so in our Coachman motorhome we have a beautiful little oven it’s not like this but boy do we ever use it is it ever handy to be able to take stuff out of your freezer and put it in the oven and heat it while you’re going down the highway. So just like I take two sections and just show you this new stove top isn’t it great.

Okay so another really neat feature inside this class A motorhome is this front overhead bunk. Okay over the years people have bought C class motorhomes simply because the class A motorhomes didn’t have a front bunk. Well, this one has a front bunk and is it ever slick, but there we go so now we’ve got a screened-in area where we can fit an extra body up top and that’s something that we haven’t had in class A’s over the years but this coach has that so I thought that was worth pointing out pretty cool.

Ok so here’s another really nifty new feature from Coachman storage is always at a premium in a small motorhome this is really innovative they’ve got a place to put your utensils underneath here which just goes up and down like that nice new feature wouldn’t you agree.

So 82 cubic feet of storage on the back end of this motorhome. So if you ever walk up in the doghouse what a doghouse it would be.

You know there’s enough room you could almost make a suite back here call it the in-law suite but 82 cubic feet of storage there’s room on either end for folding bikes barbecues everything you could possibly want to take with you I’ve never seen a motorhome with too much storage but this one’s close.

So here I am behind the wheel of the 27-foot Coachman Pursuit the brand new class A model that they made for us this year. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you some things that I’ve noticed about class A’s that might dispel a misconception they’re difficult to drive. First of all we’re looking through approximately 43 square feet of glass and we’re elevated up above most of cars on the road so we get a chance to see over them. Here’s something else that people don’t realize when you compare a Class A to a Class C it’s the turning that is so important. The front end in this motorhome has the ability to turn something in the neighborhood of 50 degrees that doesn’t mean much to you but it will when I demonstrate to you. We’re gonna do a loop around in this Pursuit and look at how maneuverable this motorhome is. Another unique feature of the motorhome – is my ability to see out through the front glass with confidence and getting close. Sometimes they say inches as good as a mile well we don’t want to rub paint on these motorhomes it’s too expensive but with the maneuverability that’s offered in this F53 chassis they’re so simple to drive and if you don’t believe me come and see me and I’ll demonstrate it to you.

Okay so here we are inside the 27-foot Pursuit and I’m gonna pull a couple of little donuts here and followed up by a figure-eight. Maneuverability in a class A motorhome is one of my big excitable points I love talking about the maneuverability and I guess because it’s such a misconception that C class motorhomes handle better than A’s. Well, I just got to tell you that there’s nothing that handles or maneuvers like this little class A Motorhome come and see me and I’ll give you a demonstration.

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