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Bucars Presents: The 2020 Coachmen Freelander

Welcome to Bucars RV my name is Keith Crone am I ever excited to announce that for 2020 Bucars is the coachmen Freelander dealer for Calgary and area.

This brand-new 27 QB walk around queen bed is our first model to arrive I’m really excited to show you all about it. Right out of the gate am I ever happy to see a 20-foot power awning on this side of the coach. That’s a nice sized awning for a motorhome of this size. A lot of the things that I want to talk to you about this motorhome or our inside features there’s a bunch of outside features so let’s just dig right in.

So one of the things that we hear about time and time again is storage there’s never enough storage on a motorhome. The way this little 27 foot is configured this whole back area is a huge storage compartment with rotocast tubs in the bottom that looked like they could be rinsed out they have little drains in them you might even be able to make a cooler here. But this storage compartment is large enough that you’re going to be able to fit your barbecue your lawn chairs your folding bikes your awning mats all of the things that you want to take with you you’ve now got room to store them inside this compartment so there’s a cool feature.

So here we are underneath the 20-foot power awning on the coachman Freelander C Class motorhome. I like what Coachman’s done here they put the LED light strip on the side of the side wall as opposed to putting it out in the roller that means you can utilize this light with the awning in or out which is a good idea a lot of the manufacturers have been putting it in the roller. A couple more cool features you see over here we have a propane quick disconnect that’s really handy for barbecuing or a cooktop or any propane appliance that you want can quick couple on this side of the motorhome under the awning. We’ve got a 110-volt outlet here and a little cable feed right here so if you chose to put an outside TV on your motorhome you could attach it here it’s already pre-wired for it. Speaking of pre-wired this little outlet here is pre-wired for a solar system so you could buy as an accessory a solar panel so a lot of our Alberta customers like to go off the grid this is probably a feature that they would utilize. The fact that these are all pre-wired into the coach just make it so much easier to modify this motorhome to your liking without great expense. Okay now for both the outside we’re going in.

So here we are in the front section of the 27 QB Freelander C class motorhome. You know what we’ve really felt that Bucars a void in the last few years there’s been so many customers who have come in wanting C class motorhomes but we just weren’t comfortable with what was available in the market. A C class motorhome has to represent family and value and the Freelander does that so well. Just sitting around looking at this layout and it’s not a brand new layout it’s been around for a while but it works so well. We’ve got the dinette opposite the sofa okay so for conversation it works great. We’ve got the kids buckled in with us here we’ve got the front television set that could be viewed while going down the road. This motorhome is capable of sleeping comfortably six people and at a glance, there are six or seven sets of seatbelts in here even a child tether here for a car seat. So over the years when customers have come to us that wanted this product we haven’t had anything to offer now we have the Coachman Freelander and I think we’re gonna do really well with this line. It makes sense you know they’ve been building motorhomes since 1964 Coachman has built a great product we’ve had huge success with their Prisms with their Pursuits with the Murada’s and now finally we have the Freelander to really complement the line.
So you don’t have to buy an old mild out X rental C Class Motorhome now you can come in at a very affordable price get your family into a 27-foot queen bed six sleeper motorhome and really enjoy the fun. I don’t know if you noticed it yet but this motorhome doesn’t even have a slide in it and believe it or not there’s some big advantages sometimes to not having a slide but we’ll talk more about that later.

So here we are in the back portion of the twenty-seven QB, QB standing for queen bed and it’s a walk around queen bed. One of the things I’ve found over the years selling motorhomes you get the opportunity to sell a corner bed once and then they never come back and buy another corner bed they want to walk around queen bed. So at 27 feet that’s exactly what we’re featuring here is a walk around queen bed from Coachman. The box that’s underneath here where that flower sitting and where this is sitting that’s that huge outside storage compartment that we saw earlier on the outside of the coach. Another little feature I don’t know if you’d be able to see it but this little port here is designed for a CPAP machine we have more and more people coming in saying they have sleep apnea machines and they need a place to hook them up they’re always looking for plugins and so forth this is set up so that your hardware can come out through this hatch and it plugs in up top. Another brilliant idea by coachman may not be important to everybody but to those who it’s important to it’s essential and coachman thought of that. That’s what I love about this company they’ve been around for a long time and they know their stuff.

Okay so look at this Magic Chef has redesigned a little three-burner cooktop that they’re using here it has a little light to light up the dials it’s a three-burner cooktop with a glass cover on it which is really nice for creating extra counter space. Another neat feature too it’s a small motor home with a large fridge look at this double door fridge freezer unit that’s located just inside the door. The layout on this motorhome really works you’re going to be really impressed with how this works I can just see a young family just thoroughly enjoying this little Freelander motorhome and I can’t wait to show it to you.

So here I am in the cab of the brand-new 27 Freelander we have many more models on order arriving daily. Come down and see us at Bucars let us share with you all the exciting news for 2020 with Coachman Freelander.

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