Bucars Blog — January 15 2021

Bucars Presents: 2019 Coachmen Sportscoach

We’re in a sports coach by Coachmen a diesel pusher motorhome. A customer that wants to go on long vacations can. Three months, Four months, Five months people that want to experience the country or just down the street, down tunnel mountain or down a Mount Kidd just for a cup of coffee on the weekend you can do both.

This is a very unique motorhome, with a very open floor plan. Two bathrooms in this model including an ensuite bathroom that is really designed bigger than most apartment buildings in downtown Calgary. So we’re dealing with something that is a home by itself totally self-contained.

This one even operates or your cell phone you can turn the generators on, you can turn lights on and off, you can stay outside with a cold drink in your hand and operate the slides and the awnings it’s amazing it’s all through your smartphone.

Coachman’s got the history in the backing and the knowledge to know what they’re doing. One of the very few coaches that have 50% to 60% more steel than a lot of coaches. So you’re dealing with a very rugged durable dependable coach. Just to give you an example there’s a lot of coaches we have these cut-outs from windows and you’ll find old construction systems that would enable a wall to what they call the laminate or pop that’s fiberglass out because it’s a wood backer in behind. They stopped doing that back in the 80s with a lot of brands, Coachmen doesn’t do that as you can tell it’s double the thickness but they use a composite material in behind. They’ve never had any delamination or structural issues with cracking that because of these air pockets in the wall. They’re doing it right you know you need to have a really experienced manufacturer to be able to with this big investment make sure you got a dependable coach that’s gonna last 5, 10, 15 years down the road, instead of two or three.

We are the motor home place we are RVers for RVers and I think the owners have always said it we want to be the the consultants you love not the salespeople you hate.

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