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Bucars Presents: 2019 Coachmen Orion

Welcome to Bucars RV my name is Keith Crone. I want to talk to you today about a nifty little motorhome called the Orion by Coachman. I thought what I would do is hop in it and just go for a little ride why don’t you come along with me.

So here I am driving the Ford Transit. So this is the latest generation of Ford vans eventually I think they’ll hopefully phase out their Econoline series that’s virtually gone unchanged for about 30 years. I guess the reason I personally get so down on the former Ford chassis while it’s still available but as it just doesn’t fit me. You can see I’m six foot four, six foot five but they’ve re-engineered this cap so the windows were high the windshields got lots of height the sightlines are amazing, and just the overall storage of the way things are placed. Like put a Bucars water down here as a backup to my Bucars water that’s here to my Bucars cup that’s here, another cup can go here there’s storage all above it’s all at your fingertips. It’s just totally re-engineered this cab to work.

So I give it full marks in the drivability the 3.7 v6 EcoBoost has plenty of power the thing merges it just goes like crazy. It’s just a spectacular drive so full marks in the drive department. Especially for someone of my height.

I’m going to pull it up here and I’ll show you some will go back outside I’ll show you some are outside features then we’ll come back inside and I’ll show you some inside features.

So maneuverability is something that always comes up when we talk about motorhomes. One of the biggest drawbacks or compromises that any size is maneuverability. If you bought a 45-foot Motorhome one of the compromises would be you couldn’t maneuver it. I want to show you how this little Ford Transit maneuvers in this Orion. It’ll also give you a chance as I’m driving around to have a look at how beautiful the paint job is on this, it has. full-body paint over the exterior it’s spectacular. Let me just do some quick maneuvering watch this. Definitely full marks on the maneuverability that’s very important.

So we did a short drive from the dealership to a favorite little spot of mine that kind of depicts what a campground situation would be like. I just activated the full power awning and notice that there’s no arm right here so often under the awning it has to roll off the side of the coach and you’ve got an arm in the way. This is a strutless power awning and what a nice feature it also has an LED light bar in here that lights up and then underneath there is a beautiful porch light. One can never have enough flat-screen televisions here’s a beautiful outside entertainment center with a DVD player, AM/FM outside speakers, Bluetooth capable the works. That’s you know because of technology we could never fit a television like this in the side wall before but now we can.

So I’ve saved the best till the last we’re gonna go inside this machine and I’m gonna show you how a small motorhome lives large so let’s go inside. So here’s something that’s really unique and we have to put this into concept this is a 24-foot motorhome. A parking spot to parallel park in the city is like 22 feet so I mean you’re only two feet over you could probably parallel park this. So here are some of the things that this motorhome doesn’t have and the most noticeable thing is there are no slides in this motorhome. Okay well that’s not a bad thing you know for many many years we got by RVing without slides I’m going to tell you the advantage for a second of no slides. First of all the motorhome has to function while driving down the road this motorhome the way it’s configured seats seven people, two people up front, three people with seatbelts here, and these two cocktail chairs have seat belts. So now we’re in a 24-foot limousine that seats seven people how many people own a seven-passenger vehicle probably not many. So if you wanted to take two couples out for dinner for example you can take the Orion it would be awesome what a way to go you could go all the way from Balzac to Okotoks for dinner and along the way you’d have the bathroom and I’ll get to that in a minute to. 24-foot motor home seats 7 with seat belts.

Ok well how many does it sleep? Well we’ll get to that in a minute but before we do have a look at the windows in here look at the size of this window and look at the view out of here. This window back here with the view with all the natural light that comes into this motorhome. 24 feet where you ever find windows like this in an RV that could seat 7. That in itself makes this motorhome very unique.

Okay now just while we’re here have a look at the kitchen look at how much kitchen space we have here very few motorhomes of this size offer this much counter space and including a three-burner cooktop as opposed to a two so many of them only have a two. Okay the great big sink so you could actually do some dishes in it a nice sink cover beautiful little power point here you can grab your power here you can even charge your phones or you can push it right out of sight. Overhead cupboards abundant love the catches that they use so they don’t fly open while you’re driving. Okay look at all the drawers, everybody always says where we gonna put the utensils, where we gonna put the pots and pans look at all the storage underneath here well from your angle you can’t see it but it’s huge. Okay, tons of room for storage tucked away neatly down here there’s a really cool little magic chef’s microwave oven. Okay not a gas oven a little microwave so we’ll need power for that well guess what we’ve got a two-point eight-kilowatt gas generator on board. Reach up here and start the generator okay which is really cool. So large living area, two cocktail chairs, little dinette, large sofa beautiful big kitchen, again cupboards abundant tons of space up top here, beautiful big pantry right here and more drawers.

Non-slide motorhome, 24-feet lives large. How does it do it? In our next little clip I’ll show you how we do it.

Well good morning and look at this 24 feet of Motorhome queen-size bed not a bed that’s a folding couch with lumps and bumps not a high to bed but a full-blown queen-size bed made up full time all the time. Time to get going put the bed away, when we run the bed right up into the roof. Now a lot of people think wow this is a really new cool idea believe it or not there was a company called Safari that built Trek motorhomes back in the 70s and 80s and they would take 24 to 25 feet of class a Motorhome and do the exact same thing. Bed folds up into the roof and then you create your living area down below. This is the feature that makes this motorhome rock and it says full-time made up queen-size bed. I don’t know how you can beat it.

Okay so what I call this motorhome a four sleeper maybe for my application four might be pushing it but who knows a lot of people might put two kids down below here on this bunk and mom and dad on the upper bunk. We’ve got the seatbelts to do it we’ve got the storage to do it we’ve got everything to do it I just don’t know if that’s how I would use the motorhome but here we are in what I call bunk bed mode.

Okay I know that this is a little awkward here I am in the shower fully dressed but for the sake of this video I thought it was best I remain that way. Um for a Motorhome to function for me and I don’t know why it’s always about me but so often when I’m in these RVs I look out and go oh this would never work for me. This motorhome would totally work for me I’m 6 foot 4 almost 6 foot 5 in a Motorhome 24 feet with a full shower with enough room to actually shower and then when I’m done showering enough room to step out of the shower and dry off. So to find this much bathroom in a motorhome of this size is very very rare. All of this was made possible because of that one feature the bed going up into the roof if we had to designate queen space on the floor leave it made up full-time all the time this thing would have to be a minimum of 27 to 28 feet long. Here we’re pulling it off in 24 feet you guys this is an amazing motorhome it’s a hidden jewel on our lot right now you have to come and see this thing.

So here we are in this little bathroom in this 24 footer it’s really not that little. Step out of the shower you’ve got enough room to dry off I’ve got a full-length mirror here I’ve got an awesome wardrobe here I’ve got full Bank of drawers down here I’ve got a cupboard right here this is a bathroom that you can function in, in a motorhome. Some of the van conversions that are out there today and some of these machines that we’re trying to sell to people the bathroom doesn’t function this motorhome it functions. It holds 25 gallons of freshwater you’ve got a generator on board the freshwater holding tank is inside the coach up underneath the sofa so it’s heated there are a hundred and ten-volt heat pads on the gray and the black tank. I’m not saying that this is a fully winterized motorhome but if the temperature gets below freezing at night with the way this is configured your tanks won’t freeze your water won’t freeze this motorhome is full functional. this is such a neat machine here we are in the bathroom let’s get out of the bathroom.

Okay so now we’re back in the kitchen area and I just wanted to take a second and show you this Dometic fridge. We’re back to a 3 Way fridge we haven’t seen 3-way fridges in RVs for a while now but this new Dometic fridge has an auto function it has a 12-volt function it has a propane function has a 110 function which is really neat. It’s a real nice size fridge with freezer but it has a feature that is really cool if you decided that you didn’t want the freezer compartment you can take this out and now your fridge top to bottom. That’s something that I haven’t seen in RVs before but this is what’s happening when you start to buy an RV that was built in the last few years the technology swing in the last few years really has come to the aid of us in making these RVs better. This is such a cute little motorhome I can’t get over it let me just show you again the storage. Storage is something that people talk about all the time they never have enough storage they’ve just got so much storage in this motorhome it’s just unbelievable. Pantry here set of drawers so storage is ample which is really cool.

Okay one more test will it hold golf clubs tada two bags. Now one more thing seat seven people what if we put a couple of sets of golf clubs in the shower couple sets out here and a foursome took this thing golfing one more reason to buy the Orion what a beauty.

So you all know how excited I am about this 24-foot Orion and a lot of it has to do with this new Ford Transit back which I’m so impressed with. But here’s a feature that they don’t have on many RVs look at this they build a step in here.

I saved the best for last this is maybe the best part of this whole video today bear with me. I hope management doesn’t mind. Okay for a limited time only this motorhome is $89940. Get it while it’s hot. Thanks for riding along with me today.

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