Bucars Blog — August 19 2018

2019 Coachmen Mirada

Dean Fincaryk:

This is a Mirada 2019 35 VH so it has the bunk model for families. The Mirada is made by coachmen so it’s a force driven product. It’s got the Ford V10 in it. So you got lots of horsepower with a 320 horse, 460 torque. it tows about 8,000 pounds. Coachmen has hit a home run the way they did it. What I like the most about this is that families can now take a Class A and go camping. Before they’d always think they’d have to have a Class C because of the overhead bunk. This is like your weekend camping motorhome where you load the family and turn the key and you’re gone. It’s so easy, you don’t have to worry about hooking up the trailer and all that kind of stuff and putting the jacks down.

So I was talking about the room and in a Class A Motorhome. Where people can sit and visit and you also have the two front chairs over here. They put a nice little table in here so you can have your dinner or snack there and as well as the great u-shaped dinette so the whole family can fit around.

Another thing that Mirada has done very innovative is have a TV right here in the kitchen area for people on the couch you see. But this also opens up and look at that, we’ve got tons of storage behind there. So you can store all kinds of things back there even your kitchen wares and stuff like that behind the TVs.

The most fantastic things that I like about the Mirada Class A Motorhome is the fridge that they’re using in it now. It is like your residential fridge that you’d find in your home, it does work off electricity and battery. My clients absolutely love this fridge. It’s insulated better than a propane RV fridge so this fridge is not going to take as much energy to keep cold once you get it cold.

Onboard power source, a generator, this one has the Onan Cummings 5500 generator so you could probably run everything in here and your neighbor next to you off that generator.

This is one of the best things that I love about this motorhome is well for the family, is that it does have the bunk room here where the children can have their own little area to sleep. it’s nice and private, they have their TVs and DVD players in there. Mom and dad can still stay up in the living area and they can enjoy the motorhome and stay up a little later than the children.

So on this master suite when you get back here, you can close this off from the rest of the motorhome and you have your own little space back here, nice and private. The mid-bath is great to be used by the children or other guests so people don’t have to go into your master suite.

And in the master suite, you have your bathroom as well. One of the fantastic things about this area back here is you have your glass shower doors it’s huge. And I want to get rid in here because I’m a pretty big guy and when I want to take a shower when I’m camping I’ve got lots of room in here. Lots of shoulder room, I’m not going to bump into this or anything. With a glass shower door, I don’t have that curtain attacking me while I’m having a shower so it’s gonna be nice and sealed off and the water isn’t gonna be getting out and I’ve got room.

The driveability of a class a Motorhome. It’s easier than driving your truck or your SUV.
Please come on out, I’ll take you for a drive we can go for a little cruise around the lot. It’s enjoyable to drive. The Mirada, the only place to come get it is at Bucars RV. Our service department is the best of the best. The finance department will help you find the right payment, the right budget and of course us in sales, we’re gonna find you the right product so come see us at Bucars.


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