Bucars Blog — May 25 2016

Hard Mount Satellite Systems for You RV

Hi there, welcome to Bucars RV. My name is JC and I’m the parts manager here.

Today we’re gonna talk about the hard mount satellite system that we mount up on top of your RV roof. This system is great for your travelling RVer that tends to move from point to point
continually on their travels. Lots of guys do like going with the tripod mount, but unfortunately, that does take a little bit of time and a lot of finesse to get that tied into your satellite up
in the sky. The hard mount systems mount flat on your roof, they have a 16 inch
base that we can catch at least two struts on the roof. The reason why we want to do that is this is a large kite up on your roof. You get wind on this, this blows. If this blows, we can’t pick up the satellite. A very large base means that we can catch these two struts and keep it stable. This is a fully motorized unit. What that means is when you’re are RVing, all you have to do park your unit, level it out, press a button, it will launch, it’ll find the satellite on its own and lock on.

Lots of people ask if these are GPS-based or what is the technology they use to actually acquire the satellite signal. These are actually using triangulation. So what that means is, it’s gonna find one satellite there, one there and know that it’s got to be here. This satellite with the round elliptical dish is actually the Shaw satellite. In Canada, you have two choices. You have Shaw or you have Bell Express Vue. The Shaw dish is actually trying to pick up two different satellites. That’s why you have the longer elliptical dish with an LMB head that has two eyes on it because it has to pick up two at once. So this one here is great for coverage all
over Canada and well into northern parts of Canada as well. We aren’t gonna get into whether or not this will work in the states for you but let’s just say you can guys can come talk to us and we’ll figure that out for you so you.

So you park, you level, you press a button and will lock onto the satellite itself. Nine times out of ten this is actually gonna get a better signal strength than your satellite at home. With the satellite, we can have up to four outs. And what that means is we can have either four
different receivers inside your coach picking up satellite, or we could have say an HD PVR in the front and a bedroom receiver in the back. this is the only satellite on the market right now that can actually pick up, up to four and run HD PVR. When we sell you a satellite, we’re selling you the complete rooftop assembly. We do not sell you a programming with Shaw, we do not sell you the Shaw boxes. Unfortunately, that’s for you to make a contract with Shaw. But we can make sure it’s all set up. Today we’re showing you the Shaw but just so you are aware we do offer the bell option as well. It is more of a rounded dish, it’s picking up single satellites, right tight to one another. But it’s very, very similar operating system with a base. The only thing that changes are your LMB and your dish face.

Thank you very much for tuning in today and watching Bucars movie on satellites.


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