Bucars Blog — May 26 2016

Winter RV Storage Tips & Advice

Hi there, my name is JC McLeod and I’m with Bucars RV Center. Today we’re gonna briefly talk about storing your RV for winter and things to consider.

Right off the bat, definitely use RV grade antifreeze. In our climate, there are lots of people who talk about blowing out their lines eventually that is going to catch up to you. In Alberta, always use the best grade antifreeze you can get your hands on.

The other thing you want to consider is how am I going to cover and protect my RV? Right off the bat, we always sell tire covers. Now the reason why we sell tire covers is your car is consistently moving all that time. Your RV sits for six months at a time. Now as it sits for six months at a time, you’re gonna get what’s called weather checking in your tires eventually. That is cracking in the sidewall. How we prevent that and extend the life of your tire is by covering them, keeping the sun off of your tires.

The other thing we want to consider covering is your air conditioner. A) we want to stop birds from nesting in your air conditioner and B) we want to stop leaves and needles and other debris being blown into the actual air conditioner itself. Nowadays we’ve actually come to the point where we can cover your whole RV in southern Alberta. Traditionally we’re much too windy for a cover it just gets shredded over time. Now, ADCO has come out with the designer
series plus wind. This is a cover made for our climate. They’re actually going to warranty it for three years even in windy southern Alberta. This protects your sidewalls, protects your tires,
protects your air conditioner, protects your total investment in one cover.

The other thing we want to do is remove the moisture from the air inside the RV. We don’t want mould, we don’t want mildew. We use dry zee air to do that. This will wick all the moisture out of the air and deposit it in a container underneath therefor illuminating our mould and mildew come spring. The other last suggestion I can really make to you is pin your fridge door is open. Both Norcold and Dometic have ways of pinning the doors open so that we don’t get mould or mildew in our fridge as well. If you have any more questions on how to prep your RV for winter please feel free to talk to any one of the parts team here at Bucars RV Centre.


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