Bucars Blog — May 6 2017

How to Secure Your RV When Leaving the Campsite

Now that we have the truck fully coupled on to the trailer I always like to do a perimeter walk and double check our signals to make sure that we’re totally safe to go down the highway. So some of the things I like to check out, is double-check your stabilizers make sure they’re up, double-check that all your doors are securely locked, make sure that your step is fully stowed away, and I always like to make sure that my deadbolt is locked just in case the door ever did open when we’re going down the road. Always a good time to visually check your tires to see to make sure that we’re up to pressure. Double-check your doors, and then we’re gonna go to the back and we’re gonna double-check our signal lights. When I’m checking lights with my driver I always like them to put on the signal lights for me so that they know that I can’t just say hey left and they know I’m not playing games with them. Greg could you please start. Left, right, brakes, and then of course we want to check our clearance lights as well. Once I’m sure that all my signal lights are working this is when I want to step further back and ensure that my TV antenna is fully stored, and all my vent lids are down against the roof. Once I’m done that I can jump in the truck and I hit the road and away we go to the next stop. We’ve double-checked our vents, we’ve made sure our antennas down, and just before you go it’s always a good idea to double check underneath your RV and make sure that you don’t leave any of the chairs that you stowed underneath there, or the kids ball glove when it was raining. Just double check that you don’t have anything underneath there and then hit the road and have some more fun.


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