Bucars Blog — May 25 2016

How to Fix Roof Rips and Tears

Hi, I’m Craig with Bucars RV Centre. I’d like to talk to you about simple repairs to cuts and tears in our roof material.

When we’re up inspecting our roof looking for problems, if we happen upon a cut or a tear or possible branch poked through, a simple repair would be an eternabond patch. This product is simple to apply, providing the area is clean and free of dust. Simply remove the backing material, simply overlay it and this will bond to the existing material. Another thing we like to do is go around our perimeter to put a sealed edge on using our self-levelling Dicor compound. This will prevent any water from over time working its way underneath and separating our patch from the roof. We’re just simply gonna run a nice bead all around the perimeter of the patch, prevent any moisture from working its way underneath. If you just try to run a bead along it you end up with a thin line that could potentially miss an area where the water would ultimately infiltrate the seal. As you can see it, compared to where we just finished. Now it’s already starting to level himself off and we’ll end up with a nice smooth bead. When we’re done and this would be considered a permanent repair to your roof. The only thing that is better than the repair of this would be a complete rubber roof replacement and that would solely depend on how good your insurance money is.


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