Bucars Blog — April 28 2017

How to Back your RV into a Campsite

Hi there, once again it’s JC here with Bucars RV centre and right now we’re
going to give you a quick overview on backing into an RV site.

Now, this RV site is quite easy because we’re on an angled site. It’s not always that easy, but the simple basics are always the same. So today we’re going to use Craig to actually back it in here. Please bear in mind he is an amateur and not certified backing up with an RV, but he’ll figure it out.

Now, one of the other small tricks that’s really good to know is traditionally when we drive, our hands are at 10 and 2. So we turn our wheel, the vehicle goes where we want to go. what I like to do when backing up if you reposition your hands to the bottom of the steering wheel, the rules still apply. if you move to the right, your trailer is going to go to the right. If you move to the left, your trailer is going to go to the left. So it’s kind of reverse in thinking for going in Reverse.

One of the first things that we can always talk about is in a two-person backup system. Communication is essential. Make sure your spotter knows what you’re trying to do. So as we can see, Craig has tried to bring the nose closer to the site, so that his tires are closer to where he wants to be. We talked about moving the hands from 10 and 2, down to the bottom of the steering wheel and then the truck will go in the direction you go. So, Craig is roughly positioned as tires with the post that he wants to back into. He is going to back the nose
tight watch the front end of the truck swing and come into the site.

Now a couple things that Craig is trying to keep in mind as he’s doing this is:

Am I going to end up with enough room for my slide to open on my off-door side?

Craig we might want to straighten out here and sometimes it takes two shots. That’s probably good.

Craig is keeping in mind:

Do we have enough room for our slide to open?
Are we going to have access to our dump station?
And where do I want my awning to be in my campground?

Now, when you’re backing up, you always want to keep in the back of your

Can my driver see me?
Am I in his rearview mirror?

And in this case, I know that Craig can clearly see me and I’m going to continue to back him up.

We’re being conscious of where our back end is, we’re making sure Craig can see us. And I always prefer to be at the back of the trailer so that we know if we’re going to hit a tree. Craig that’s perfect thank you very much.

And that’s how you get to back up like a pro.


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