Bucars Blog — July 26 2016

Service Department

Brian MacKenzie:
Here at Bucars we have 16 service bays, 10 RV technicians, staff of about thirty in the full season. We do everything from a class motorhomes, diesel pushers, right down to entry-level tent trailers and travel trailers.

Here we service everything from hail damage, tin work, roof, satellite system installs, all your accessories, parts. We do have a four post lift that will lift any motorhome that we do sell.

Kyle Redmond:
One of the benefits of Bucars RV is we do have camping right here on the property and a lot of it’s for our service customers whether they come the night before to camp, so they’re here
first thing in the morning for their morning appointment or whether they just took delivery of a brand-new machine. Got lots of bells and whistles and they just want the comfort of going over things that they forgot the night before the next day.

Part of the Bucars advantage is RV care. The RV care network is really underrated because it has 55-60 dealers in Canada, over 100 in the US and it’s very important for our customers when they’re travelling. If they’ve got an operational problem, the water heater doesn’t work, if your furnace quits then you’ve got a safe haven to go to and that dealership will treat you like
you’re Bucars customers and get you in and get you fixed right away.

I don’t think any of our competitors have anything like that and it’s very important for our short season and for our busy lives that often people only have a week or two for vacation. They don’t need to be at a repair centre, they need to be on vacation. So we think that’s important. We’re committed to a customer service and we want to make sure that those people are enjoying the time that they have with our product.


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