Bucars Blog — July 26 2016

Sales Department

Kevin Digness:
Well, we get the question asked all the time. “What’s the difference from buying
from a dealer and or privately?” and especially in the pre-owned market, there is quite a few unique products that have come up over the years. Because of the expertise of the dealership, we can give a lot of people a lot of insight into those products and get them to have more value in owning.

Dave Westhaver:
Here at Bucars, we have more of a consultant philosophy. Where we will give the customer the information to make a right choice, as opposed to the high-pressure selling or you have to buy this right now, the urgency, as opposed to being at a relaxing environment where you feel
comfortable, you can bring your family back. Because one of the things that is nice is that we don’t want to just do a deal with you, we would like to earn you as a customer for years to come.

Kevin Digness:
It’s really one of those things, it is a buyer beware situation. If you buy anywhere from but a reputable dealer like an RV care dealer like us, then do the due diligence to protect you from what can be up there.

It’s very possible to buy a unit that is, maybe, on the outside looks and feels like it has
no issues. But with the paper documentation, that are through our searches and that’s have a thing we can find out whether or not there’s ever been an insurance claim and, or, it’s
been involved with an accident or type of thing or been involved in some horrific flooding and that type of thing. Which unfortunately is happening all over North America and very difficult
for the average person to find that out.

We also go through and have a factory trained technician go through the systems and they would be able to detect any of that damage. We also do a seal tech test. Which one of the things that units coming from the United States because of their quite a bit, a little bit hotter down there in some of the southern states, you know a lot of the units literally get baked. So the sealants and whatnot become quite suspect and they come into an environment like Alberta, where we get the different temperature fluctuations. We have a seal tech system which is a positive pressure system that we do on every unit that we sell and you would get a documented sheet on that stating that.

Dave Westhaver:
When customers first come in and they’re new to the RV camping experience, one of the
nicest things that I like is being able to share my own personal experiences.
Nothing really pleases me more is when they come on the day of delivery, they’re
here picking up the unit and the whole family is excited to go out for the
first time the maiden voyage and just experience life.


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