Bucars Blog — April 28 2017

Financial Services and the Busniess Office

After the sales process is pretty much complete, the salesman will then introduce me to the customers. I will help the customers do the transfer of ownership from Bucars to the
customers. I’ll do the red carpet delivery orientation scheduling between the customers and the service department. I’m going to guide them through a few other decisions along the way as well on how to protect the investment and look after any financing concerns or options that they may want to look into.

Dealer financing through a dealership such Bucars RV is beneficial primarily because we can shop the rates round to multiple different lenders. The lenders are always in the battle. They want the customers business, so we’re going to be that agent trying to shop the best rate for that customer’s needs. We’re also able to amortize a brand new RV over a longer period of time than what you can get at a local branch. So at a local branch, they’re only going to finance it for about five years. We can amortize units for 10, 15, 20 years if needed. That
keeps the payments nice and low. What’s really nice about the payments as well, is they’re fully open. That means you can pay off additional, or the full amount at any time without penalty.

The other decisions we help customers with are on how to protect the loan. We offer life and disability insurances on the loan that are very unique and only exclusive through creditor financing. We also offer paint and appearance protection packages. Such as a paint protect called diamond coat. It protects the outside of the recreational vehicle from UV rays. You might see some older RVs that start to turn yellow or fade over time and this is a guaranteed product that’s not going to allow that to happen on the recreational vehicle. We can also protect the interior with the diamond coat. What that does is it encapsulate all the fibres on the surface so that if there’s a spill or mishap it’s not going to soak into the fabric or the vinyl or the leather, it’s going to bead on it so you can wipe it off in a timely manner.

What I like about the RV industry is the flexibility. We’re always dealing with new people, new clients, new concerns, new issues, new products. The industry changes quite frequently so it’s very interesting to see what’s coming out in the new model year such as outdoor kitchens, the new different types of slides, the new innovations that are out there that you kind of look like “oh wow, I never thought of that that’s just so neat” and that we can apply that to the outside environment for a lot of different people.


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