Bucars Blog — February 6 2019

Bucars Presents The 2019 RV Show & Our Team

Years ago, Bucars realized that the box on wheels, the actual product is very important. But it is not the most important. It’s about the relationship that we have with our customers.

Bucars RV is so pumped to get into 2019. We’ve got some of the best product offerings in the industry. One of the things I’m so proud of in 2019 is the staff at Bucars. They are absolutely the most knowledgeable, friendliest, willing to help out people that I’ve ever had the chance to work with.

Our service writers that meet you at the service counter, we need heater repairs done. JC and Peter and our parts department are the most knowledgeable parts people in the entire industry. We have one location, and that’s where we eat, live and breathe, and that’s where our staff is.

We’re just partnered with everybody. We partner with our staff; we partner with the customers. We want to make sure that we give the customers an experience that they expect.

We just do our best to make the process easy, and it really comes down to what happens after the sale.

I think the management team has done the best they can to handpick a real true experience. People who you know, live the life, have RVs. Just about each and every one of the staff members, and I could go on, all own RVs. I think that makes a huge difference you know because they can really share the experience. That in itself I think sets us apart.

The product is good; the expectations of customers are real.

That’s my favourite part of this job – is helping the customers, being able to meet people and talk to people, be able to explain it to them and how to install it, being able to explain to them how to use it, the benefits behind it. That means everything to me, that’s my that’s my fun.

Why do I like working a Bucars? It’s a family. I mean what else can you say after you’ve done this for so many years? It’s family. I go to work; I’m actually happy to go to work. It’s a company that cares, and it’s a company that’s been here 60 years. I think I’m still going to be employed in a couple of years, so that’s kind of nice in Calgary right now.

I took a Bucars as a temporary job four years ago, and I like the fact that there’s no two days that are the same, I like being outdoors, like camping.

It’s a nice easy, relaxing environment at Bucars. Very open, all of our units are open during the season, and you’re more than welcome up and browse, anytime all the time.

We are so fortunate with our staff at Bucars. One of the slogans that we talk about all the time and our staff meetings and with our customers is “we’re refreshingly different.” We’re not the same dealer that you’ve dealt with for years or in the Calgary marketplace. That we really care about your RV dollars and are you spending them wisely. We care about the aftermarket service, and we want to make sure that you make your selection perfectly the first time. If you buy the wrong trailer the first time, it’s an expensive decision to make the decision right again. We want to make sure that we slow the process down, be the consultants you’re looking for, not the salesman you fear and get you into the right unit the first time.

People still just want to get out and enjoy our great country and the great outdoors and take their family and friends out to have some good quality time. Sit down the electronics and look at nature, and that’s healing for all us.


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