Bucars Blog — April 3 2017

Get to Know our Manufacturers: K-Z Inc.

At Bucars RV dealership in Calgary we are very proud to carry the full K-Z Inc. RV lineup. K-Z RV is one of if not our most popular RV manufacturer here at Bucars. We love K-Z RV because they continue to grow and get stronger while still maintaining their core values of quality, fairness, courtesy and integrity. K-Z RV was founded in 1972 and their continued commitment to manufacturing quality, reliable RV’s has made them one of the largest RV manufacturers in North America. K-Z RV builds some of the most high quality travel trailers, fifth wheel trailers and toy haulers available and offers them at fair prices. K-Z RV produces several widely-recognized brands of recreational vehicles, including Connect, Durango, Escape, Sportsmen, Sportster, Spree, Sidewinder and Venom. They believe everyone has the right to a comfortable and convenient RV experience and this is reflected in the brands that they manufacture.

K-Z RV places an importance on innovation and continuing to grow what we expect from our RV’s. They continue to push the envelope on RV innovations and bring more features and amenities to their RV models that RVers want. When purchasing a K-Z RV travel trailer, fifth wheel trailer or toy hauler you know you are getting an RV that accommodates the needs of a modern RVer. Come to Bucars and view the new innovations for yourself, it will change what you come to expect from an RV.

Maybe what sets K-Z RV apart from their competition the most is their commitment to customer service. They are driven to keep their customers happy and they do this through manufacturing high quality and reliable RV’s backed by one of the industry’s best warranties. K-Z RV knows the importance RVers put on an RV that can handle all the miles and conditions that you can put them through. When you purchase a K-Z RV you can be assured that you are receiving an RV that will last you many years and can handle the roughest conditions you can put it through. With K-Z RV you are not just purchasing a travel trailer, fifth wheel trailer or toy hauler you are also purchasing peace of mind.

K-Z RV provides RVers with a large selection of different types of travel trailer, fifth wheel trailers and toy haulers. K-Z RV’s versatility is another aspect that helps them standout from other available RV manufacturers. No matter if you are looking for a lightweight travel trailer to get out of town on weekends, or you’re looking for a luxury fifth wheel as your new permanent residence while adventuring across the country, K-Z RV has a brand that will work for you. K-Z supplies a wide range of each of their RV body types and can suit those looking for a more affordable but comfortable RVing experience or those looking for a luxurious, home-like feel while on the road.

At Bucars RV dealership in Calgary we think it’s obvious just how much we love K-Z RV, everywhere you look at our dealership you will see a K-Z RV. The reason we love K-Z is because Calgary RVers love K-Z. We are always getting amazing feedback from everyone who purchases a K-Z RV from us. Why not come down and see why K-Z RV is such a popular RV manufacturer and tour some of their models for yourself. For more information on our K-Z RV brands and models please stop by our dealership just north of Calgary or call us at 403-207-1666.


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