Bucars Blog — May 8 2018

Popular Floor Plans: The Bunkhouse

Here at Bucars you don’t have to tell us how much our customers love the bunkhouse floor plan for their trailers, we’ve seen it for years. Every spring and summer we have plenty of RVers come into our showroom and gravitate to our trailers with a bunkhouse. What makes the bunkhouse floor plan so popular is its ability to accommodate so many different types of families. Whether you have a large family or small family, young children or teenagers, even if you like to just bring your friends along when camping, then a bunkhouse floor plan may be right for you.

Typically a bunkhouse trailer has three very distinct and very different living zones. The front of the trailer is usually a standard bedroom suite with a queen bed, the middle of the trailer typically houses a shared living space, washroom and kitchen, while the rear of the trailer features side-wall-mounted bunk beds. This gives the bunkhouse floorplan the advantage of providing all the comforts and amenities of many other floorplans while offering much more sleeping space. It also provides a distinct separation between the parents sleeping quarters and the childrens.

No matter the size, style, brand or manufacturer, bunkhouse trailers provide some great camping benefits. For one they maximize the sleeping space and the usable floor space of the trailer. By stacking the beds it allows the floor plan to accommodate additional sleeping campers without sacrificing elbow room. They are also great for growing families. No matter the size of a family they could always use a bit more elbow room when camping. If you have unused beds in the bunkhouse floor plan they can provide additional storage space until the family needs the extra sleeping space. The beds can also prove to be great storage when no one is sleeping in them during the day. Another great benefit to the bunkhouse floor plan is that it is great for guests. If you love to head out camping with friends or extended family then a bunkhouse trailer is perfect for you. The extra sleeping bunks means you’ll always have sleeping space for guests you want to bring along on your adventures.

If you’re just starting your family, bunkhouse models are a great option to have your family grow into. If you already have a full size family and want an RV that will properly accommodate you then a bunkhouse trailer is a great option. If the kids have left the nest and you just like to bring all of your friends along camping then a bunkhouse trailer can be what you’re looking for. There are so many lifestyles that a bunkhouse trailer is perfect for.

At Bucars, bunkhouse model trailers are available in different sizes and price ranges with a variety of amenities and features. This means that we will have a bunkhouse trailer that will fit in your price range and still suit all of your needs. To see our wide selection of RV’s visit our dealership just north of Calgary and explore with one of our RV specialists. If you have any questions regarding our bunkhouse floor plan trailers or any questions about anything to do with RVing give us a call at (403) 207-1666.


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