Bucars Blog — December 4 2017

Why Choose a Fifth Wheel Trailer?

If you are in the market for a new RV and have been wondering if a fifth wheel trailer may be right for your family, we have somethings for you to consider. If you are considering a fifth wheel trailer it is usually safe to assume that you are an avid or full time RVer. When it comes to people who choose to make an RV their new home there are usually two to three options, a fifth wheel trailer or a class A or C motorhome. There are distinct advantages to all of those RV body types and we are going to review what makes a fifth wheel trailer stand out.

The Most Value

When you compare fifth wheel trailers to motorhomes they are generally less expensive. A lot of luxury fifth wheel trailers come with the space and amenities of luxury motorhomes. This means if you have a smaller budget you can make it go farther if you decide to take a look at fifth wheel trailers. The downside of a fifth wheel when it comes to budget is that you need a sufficient towing vehicle. If you do not already own one than your fifth wheel budget will have to include a line for a new towing vehicle. In a lot of cases however you can purchase a high end fifth wheel trailer and tow vehicle at a comparable price to a motorhome. If you are looking to make your RV budget go a little further you should consider a fifth wheel trailer.

The Roomiest RV Type

If space is something you crave while out on your adventures then a fifth wheel trailer may be right for your family. When it comes to living space no other RV body type can compete with the fifth wheel trailer. It can deliver the space and roominess you’d be used to from apartment or condo living. High ceilings and additional living spaces lets the fifth wheel trailer deliver the feeling of home while out on the road.

Less Maintenance

Since a fifth wheel trailer does not include any kind of engine or drive shaft it clearly involves less maintenance than a motorhome. It still requires the regular maintenance of any trailer but those costs are significantly lower than that of a motorhome. There are however maintenance costs associated with the tow vehicle that can vary in cost. Usually the costs to maintain a tow vehicle are still less than that of a motorhome since they don’t have as complex engines and components. In fact a lot of people with a knowledge of vehicles would be much more comfortable performing maintenance tasks themselves on a tow vehicle rather than a motorhome.

Tons of Storage Space

Many fifth wheel trailer come with large basement spaces that provide an exceptional amount of storage. Also because fifth wheel trailers come with higher ceilings than any other type of RV they provide extra storage areas up high. This means they can provide more cabinets and storage areas that can not be offered by any other RV body type. Another great storage advantage of a fifth wheel is because you are not using the living space of the fifth wheel while travelling it can be used as storage. This means when you are moving to your next location you have plenty of storage to house your outdoor furniture.

You will Always Have a Vehicle

Since fifth wheel trailers require a tow vehicle this means you will always have a vehicle with you on your travels. When you need to travel to local points of interest just unhitch the fifth wheel and you are on your way. The convenience of being able to unhitch your trailer and use your tow vehicle as a day to day vehicle is something only a trailer can provide.

Bucars Can Help

If you are interested in receiving more information on fifth wheel trailers the RV experts at Bucars RV dealership in Calgary can help. We have a wide variety of fifth wheel models and brands for you to come and check out for yourself. Our staff is ready to show you any fifth wheel trailer on our lot you would like to take a look at. For more information on our fifth wheel trailers or if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us.


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