Bucars Blog — October 17 2018

Becoming a full Time RVer? These are the RV’s for you.

Whether you have a constant wanderlust or you’re just looking to be able to enjoy your life on the road and downsize your living arrangements, Bucars RV has a selection of RV’s to suit your needs. For those adventure seekers that can’t stand being tethered to one location, our Fifth Wheel Trailers are the perfect fit. For those looking to downsize their living arrangements, travel a bit and live in comfort, our Class A Motorhomes are the best solution to enable you to live abroad with the comfort you’ve become accustomed to.

For those of you looking to travel frequently, be able to commute from a location and even maneuver your RV into more remote locations or rougher terrain, our Fifth wheel trailers are the solution for you. A Fifth Wheel Trailer is a trailer that is towed by a hitch that easily attaches and detaches from the bed of a pick up truck. Because of this, the RV is more maneuverable to be transported and parked in remote areas with rougher terrain. The RV is also able to be parked, leaving your tow vehicle free to drive wherever you need to go. This is the ideal full time RV solution for those looking for adventure. Our Fifth Wheel Trailers come with a variety of options and styles to suit your needs and deliver all the luxuries you’ve become accustomed to in your traditional home. Our larger Fifth Wheel Trailers offer an ample amount of space for you to live comfortably and store your needed belongings for your future adventures.

For those that are looking to travel a bit less frequently, but don’t want to be tied down to one physical location, our luxurious Class A Motorhomes are the ideal option for you. The Class A Motorhomes we have in stock at Bucars RV are some of the most luxurious and reliable RV’s available on the market today. Owning a Class A Motorhome is like owning a full house on wheels. Ample living space, storage and luxury without compromises. Although travelling in a Class A Motorhome may not be as convenient as parking a Fifth Wheel Trailer when it comes to portability and their ability to travel into more remote locations, there are options. Many of our Class A Motorhomes are able to tow smaller vehicles behind them. Towing a vehicle enables you to park your RV in an established place and travel wherever you need to with your secondary vehicle. Class A Motorhomes have the same appliances and amenities you’d expect to find in your traditional home. Because of this, the Class A Motorhomes at Bucars RV have all the luxuries you’ve become accustomed to in your life at your home. For those that are looking to travel without sacrificing comfort, our Class A Motorhomes are the solution for you.

Living as a full time RVer can be an exciting chapter of your life that is sure to create memories you will never forget. If you’re thinking about becoming a full time RVer, come talk to the RV experts at Bucars RV just north of Calgary. Our experts will help you find the perfect RV to suit your needs and enable you to live the life you’ve always wanted to live. If you have a wanderlust and you’re ready to live your best life, make Bucars RV your next stop.


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