Bucars Blog — February 26 2013

New rigs at the dealership – Heartland Sundance 5th Wheel

You all know we only carry the best products so you won’t be surprised to see the Sundance 5th Wheel by Heartland RV in our showroom this Spring. It’s one of our newest additions and we couldn’t be more proud.

A few things we love about Heartland RV’s:

  • Heartland’s Patented 88 Degree Turning Radius Design is perfect for short-bed, extended-cab trucks Eliminating the need for expensive slider hitches! You never need to pass up the perfect camp site again for fear of not being able to back in safely.
  • Heartland’s laminated construction has been subjected to rigid testing in the famous DOMETIC Extreme temperature testing chamber, where it passed with flying colors.
  • One of Heartland’s most famous innovations, this docking center holds all of the coach’s system hook-ups including the satellite; phone; cable; city water fill; black tank flush.
  • The wall structure is made of Welded Lightweight Heavy Gauge Aluminum and all the empty space between structural members is filled with block foam insulation then sandwiched between layers of luaun plywood and fiberglass in a lamination procedure that ensures a strong, lightweight, durable sidewall protecting your investment for years to come.

We happened to have a Heartland Sundance 3400QB at the RV Show too (as well as one in our Showroom). Here are some pics:



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