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K-Z RV Travel Trailer Lineup

K-Z RV Travel Trailers available at Bucars in Calgary

At Bucars RV in Calgary we are proud to carry the innovative and high quality travel trailers from K-Z RV. K-Z RV has some of the most comfortable and spacious travel trailers available that won’t blow your budget. They specialize in high quality travel trailers and back them up with some of the best warranties in the industry. At Bucar we currently carry the Spree Escape, Spree Connect, Spree Sportsmen and Sportsmen S.S. K-Z RV travel trailer models. We offer some of the lowest prices on all of these models and we know them inside and out. Take a more in-depth look into each model we sell below and contact us for more information on the K-Z RV travel trailer line up.

K-Z RV Spree Escape

The Spree Escape is a lightweight travel trailer that offers sleeping for seven and features an elegant decor. The interior of the Spree Escape exudes style with a wood look floor and modern accents. The Spree Escape travel trailer has all the essentials you need while travelling plus, additional touches of luxury to make the trip even more comfortable. This travel trailer is packed with extras such as AM/FM/MP3/i-Pod radio, tinted windows, air conditioning, stabilizer jacks, spare tire and a diamond plated rock guard.

The Spree Escape has been designed to make sure that even if you don’t have the largest towing capacity you can still take a travel trailer with you. It has a lightweight design that can be towed with a minivan making this a great travel trailer for weekend getaways. The Spree Escape can range in length from 16’ to 27’ 3” with a dry weight starting at 2,200 lbs.


K-Z RV Spree Connect

The Spree Connect has been designed to connect you with nature, family, friends and even yourself. The Spree Connect was designed to be the perfect travel trailer to help you make all these connections in a comfortable and spacious environment. With features such as a comfortable queen sized bed, extra large bunk beds and a stylish, functional kitchen with plenty of storage.

The Spree Connect doesn’t lack when it comes to style, as it features a modern and warm interior decor. It boasts beautiful design features such as contrasting wood plank flooring and beautifully glazed hardwood cabinets. This travel trailer brings all these great elements into one extremely well designed unit.

The Spree Connect provides a comfortable and spacious travel experience and ranges in size and dry weight. The Spree Connect ranges in length from 23’ 7” to 35’ 6” and starts at a dry weight of 4,790 lbs.



K-Z RV Spree Sportsmen and Sportsmen S.S.

The Spree Sportsmen travel trailer is probably K-Z RV’s best value among its entire lineup. When combining its overall quality, price and innovative features it is one of the best travel trailers available. The Spree Sportsmen features living areas that are enhanced by large slide-outs which creates a perfect space for entertaining family and friends. The Sportsmen travel trailer has a length that ranges from 25’ 3” to 35’ 6” and has a starting dry weight of 4,575 lbs.

The Sportsmen S.S. model provides an even better value for those who aren’t looking for as many features provided by the Sportsmen model. The Sportsmen S.S. provides a stylish and elegant interior and plenty of room to entertain family and friends. The Sportsmen S.S. travel trailer ranges in length from 24’ 2” to 34” 5’ and has a starting dry weight of 4,510 lbs.



K-Z RV Coyote MXT

The K-Z RV Coyote MXT is a lightweight travel trailer that features the perfect combination of forward thinking design, modern technology and skilled craftsmanship. The Coyote MXT has been designed to make towing easier with an aerodynamic design that reduces drag and improves mileage. The Coyote MXT makes it easy to get to your destination quickly without being too taxing on your wallet.

The Coyote MXT provides comfort and style and comes in various lengths and towing weights. The MXT ranges in length from 24’ 5 ½ “ to 35’ 4” and has a starting dry weight of 4,340 lbs.



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