Bucars Blog — January 6 2017

Get to Know our Manufacturers: Coachmen

At Bucars RV dealership in Calgary we are very particular about the RV manufacturers we sell to our customers. This is why it is important to us that you understand why we work with the RV manufacturers we do. In the continuation of our “Get to Know our Manufacturers” series we will look at one of our most popular motorhome manufacturers Coachmen. We work with Coachmen because of their high quality, attention to detail and their dedication to the enrichment of your life. Just like all the other RV manufacturers we work with we have performed vigourous testing of all Coachmen motorhome brands, and have reviewed as much feedback as we can from actual RV’ers. All of this has lead us to the conclusion that Coachmen is one of the best RV manufacturers in the market, and we are proud to offer their product to our enthusiastic customers. Coachmen offers a wide variety of motorhome models that appeal to a large range of RV’ers, here at Bucars we are happy to offer five of their most popular motorhome brands.

Coachmen has over 5 decades of RV manufacturing and is committed to providing you with long term value through all that they do, their focus is on providing a product with superior value. Coachmen has a reputation of manufacturing motorhome brands that retain their value, this is due to their commitment to high quality craftsmanship and experience and knowledge in the RV industry. With Coachmen you will find that they have a rich history of commitment from their Team Members. This commitment extends to to their owners and in the pride they have for their brand. Coachmen has an unparalleled commitment to being one of the best RV manufacturers available, and this show in the excellence of every motorhome brand they manufacture.

Over their extensive time of motorhome manufacturing Coachmen has become on of the most trusted RV manufacturers in the business. Coachmen RV products have been on North American roads and in North American campgrounds since 1964. With over five decades of building RV’s and over 600,000 RVs built and sold they know how to design and build a reliable RV with exceptional value, dependable design, practical innovation and the comforts and features you desire.

One of the main benefits of purchasing a Coachmen motorhome is the product design and reliability you will be receiving. Coachmen relies on their relationships that they have enjoyed with their owners throughout their history. Through these relationships and their owners input, they understand the importance that premium RV owners place on a reliable and consumer friendly product. A product that is well thought through in its detail to “consumer friendliness” and “practical innovations” is important to RV owners and that makes it important to them. Coachmen’s puts design simplicity and functionality into every RV they build through practical innovations, functionality, efficient living designs, user friendly features and safety. Approaching RV manufacturing with these values has created a brand that consumers have come to identify as reliable and convenient.

Another great benefit behind purchasing a Coachmen motorhome is the confidence and peace of mind you will have. At the foundation of Coachmen’s customer focus is their drive to provide the utmost in safety and long term satisfaction. To this end they never make safety features an option, they always come standard. In addition, they use high grade components and have invested in quality construction practices that exceed other brands on the market. Coachmen also creates confidence and peace of mind through their commitment to the environment and their green initiatives. Coachmen has been incorporating green materials and practices into its operations for years, however they wanted to challenge themselves to a “greener” standard. Accordingly, Coachmen entered into an agreement with a professional third-party certification agency, TRA Certification, to confirm and certify their manufacturing facilities and their products. By involving a third-party, Coachmen has taken the steps to ensure to its customers that they are getting a quality RV that conforms to consensus standards for green construction.

We are so excited that we could give you a closer look at Coachmen and what sets them apart. We are proud to be a partner with Coachmen and to carry a wide selection of their motorhome brands at our RV dealership in Calgary, and hope you now understand why. We’d love to give you even more reasons as to why Coachmen makes an exceptional RV, but it is always best to come and see one for yourself. Come by our lot just north of Calgary and let one of our RV specialists take you for a tour of a Coachmen motorhome.


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