Bucars Blog — June 29 2016

The Advantages of Purchasing a Used Tent Trailer

Tent trailers offer a much different camping experience compared to a travel trailer or fifth wheel trailer. Tent trailers also known as pop up trailers are smaller than most other RV’s, but they often offer more than meets the eye. In this article we will discuss the advantages of purchasing a tent trailer specifically a used tent trailer.

The first and most appealing advantage of purchasing a used tent trailer is the price. Tent trailers in general are extremely affordable compared to other RV’s, and used models come at an even more budget friendly price. This makes a used tent trailer the perfect model if you are looking to take your first steps into RV’ing. This would be the most introductory model and allow you to start RV’ing without investing too much money.

The next fantastic advantage of a used tent trailer is the convenience it offers. There are a number of convenient advantages a tent trailer offers that no other RV model can. This begins with being how easy it is to tow a tent trailer. Most tent trailers can be towed by nearly any truck or SUV and even some sedans, this means there is no need to upgrade your current vehicle in order to tow your trailer. They are relatively light and aerodynamically built so towing them saves gas mileage and they are extremely easy to maneuver. Another convenient feature of tent trailers are their ease of use. Most tent trailers can be set up, including making the beds, in under an hour. All that most tent trailers require is to roll-up the roof and slide out the sleeping areas. Lastly one of the most convenient features of a tent trailer is how easy they are to store. When not in use, most tent trailers fold into a neat 4 foot tall box. Since it is so compact, finding a place to store it is easy.

One of the reasons many campers have not committed to an RV is because of their lack of versatility. Well the tent trailer is the most versatile RV model available. Tent trailers offer the versatility of tent camping with the protection of RV camping. You don’t have to only stay at campgrounds, you can make your own campsite if you choose. Most models are rugged enough to take off road to the destination of your choice.

Finally you may believe because a tent trailer is so budget friendly and lightweight it may not offer the features you are looking for, or sleep enough people. There are many options available for tent trailers, you can even have them with all the features of a full-sized RV. Some of the higher end models have bathrooms with a shower and toilet, air-conditioners, full kitchens and heat. While most models include a small kitchen with a sink and camp stove, beds and a table. Tent trailers also offer enough room for the whole family. Most models sleep 4-6 people with some even offering enough room for eight.

Used tent trailers are a great option for those looking for a budget friendly RV option, or an RV that offers more convenience and versatility. For more information on the wide selection of used tent trailers offered at Bucars in Calgary please call us at (403) 207-1666.


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